CLASSES Linda Diane Feldt Introduction to Polarity Therapy - An eight week class covering basic polarity therapy principles, how to give a session, energy balancing, and more. Massage: Learning to Give and to Receive - An 8 week class, ideal for couples, to learn a basic relaxation massage. There is a book and DVD that cover the class material. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Restoring Creativity - For many people, carpal tunnel syndrome can be quickly resolved with a do-it-yourself technique easily learned and practiced. The class includes anatomy and physiology, examples of ergonomic excellence, and other tips. Not only will you be able to help yourself, chances are you'll also be able to teach this to others. Cranialsacral Therapy at the Beginning of Life - a nine month class meeting twice a month for doulas, midwives, and birth professionals. You will learn the basics of using cranialsacral therapy for pregnancy, labor, deliver, and nursing and birth trauma concerns. NEXT CLASS: Feb. 2012